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Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

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Hey! Hola! Hello! 
Team Qwilr are looking for an awesome human and excellent writer to join our marketing team.

This is a role for someone who has great writing, communications and/or content marketing experience who is looking to take the next step in their career. You will get exposure across our entire company and will be working directly with the founders and our marketing team. 

This is a remote role that can be based in North America, Australia or New Zealand - but it would be ideal if you were comfortable coming to visit us in Sydney from time to time. 

About the role:
We believe in excellent writing. We also believe in excellent marketing. To do this role well at Qwilr you will need to be comfortable working on both sides. 

Excellent writing is clear, helpful & engaging. It helps people discover Qwilr and understand what we are about, and how Qwilr can help them. In our specific case, it is also about working with the founders to find and evolve the tone and voice of Qwilr over time. 

Excellent marketing involves understanding our current customers, as well as our potential future customers. It involves understanding SEO and metrics. It involves research & strategy, but it also involves execution - and a lot of writing and editing along the way :)

To be truly excellent though, you'll need to be comfortable in the tension between these roles. SEO is incredibly valuable, but it can also destroy writing. Wonderfully written pieces aren't very meaningful if nobody reads them - nor if they are read by millions of people who have zero interest in Qwilr.

You’ll be great for this role, if you:

  • Are an excellent writer - who is comfortable working on a range of different tasks. 
  • Are someone who is able to find the balance between quality (we really do believe in excellent writing) and quantity (as a broad product, we do need quite a range of resources for our users and customers). 
  • Understand the value & importance of data - especially as it relates to SEO, conversions and our customers. 
  • Love software and technology. You're comfortable using a range of tools (such as Qwilr, Slack, Asana, KissMetrics, and Google Apps). 
  • Can talk like a human, even when things get technical. This role demands excellent English writing skills.

The Day to Day:

As a writer, most of your activities will be centered around writing, editing, communicating with customers and research. You will be in charge of our Blog, Templates Library and Case Studies.

We will start by working on our content strategy and make sure it's aligned with the product roadmap, and we will develop the tone and the voice of Qwilr together.

  • Working with our team on content strategy, the broader marketing strategy as well as on product strategy. 
  • Writing & editing Blog posts. 
  • Writing & editing our Qwilr Templates.
  • Work with customers to do excellent Case Studies.
  • Helping the broader marketing team on many other aspects of copy & content. 
  • Working with our founders to develop the tone and the voice of Qwilr over time. 


Not essential – but cooooool. 

  • Experience writing excellent proposals, quotes and other sales collateral.
  • Know your way around WordPress, and maybe even have some CSS &/or HTML skills. 
  • Understand how SEO works and what it takes to get us to the first page of search results.
  • Have worked for a startup or fast growing tech company - especially if it is in SaaS (so you’re comfortable with MRR, Churn, LTV, NPS, etc).
  • Have used Qwilr for some or all of your application.

Docs for the Web
At Qwilr, we’re bringing the power of the web to documents. Think documents that can utilize the best of the web: functional, beautiful, interactive, secure, connected to a multitude of APIs and have deep analytics (like this one!). We want to help the world to move from the horrors of the 1980s “paper” paradigm of documents i.e. Word, Powerpoint & PDF to the web - because the web can do so much more. 


We have the best product in the market, customers from over 50 countries, and are well funded by some outstanding investors. We’re beginning to grow like crazy. We need a talented Content Marketer to help us attract new users, better explain what we do to potential customers, help them get the most out of Qwilr and build a distinctive Qwilr voice with the founders. 

To apply: Apply here

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