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Intel | Compiler/Software Engineers | San Diego, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Folsom OR | REMOTE/VISA for strong candidates. Full-time. Currently in deep learning, if one wants to implement a low level kernel (LSTM, batch-norm etc), you're either going to be writing CUDA or device specific low level code. Join us as we grow the Intel Nervana Graph project ( the deep learning equivalent of LLVM: an open source deep learning compiler and IR. We plan on pushing the boundaries of tensor optimizations and enable the same benefits that the programming language and compiler community have reaped from LLVM. Required: C++, modern software engineering, at_least_3(humility, curiosity, drive, on_the_right_side_of_Dunning_Kruger_effect). Desired: Python, low level optimization, numerical linear algebra, deep learning/ML Feel free to copy me directly at too.

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المهارات software engineer,python,ios,cuda,kernel,engineer,c++
العنوان الولايات المتحدة, California, California City
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Unconventional Software Developer
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