Angular / Vue Developer for Pizza Arms Race

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Pizza delivery has turned into a technology arms race. We’re looking for a solid front end web developer to join a real David and Goliath struggle against the major national pizza chains.  We're building a technology arsenal that independent pizza restaurants and mom and pop operations can use to compete toe to toe with the big three.  If you’ve suffered late at night, struggling with subpar online ordering systems, in a desperate attempt to get your double pepperoni fix, here’s your chance to save countless fellow pizza lovers from frustration.     

This job is your chance to help us migrate our online ordering system from Angular to Vue while building the features that help the pizzeria down the street build their business. You'll work from home with a remote team full of smart people.  We have high technical standards and we expect a lot, but we'll treat you like a human and you'll work on cool stuff that gets pizza in the hands of sobriety-impaired college students on a regular basis.  You'll get a Macbook Pro and an O'Reilly Safari subscription.  Your team includes nice people whom you’ll meet in person someday at a tech conference or a client site.  

Skills & requirements

The best fit for this position has about 3-5 years of experience building single page Javascript applications. You've used one of the major frameworks like Ember, Angular or Vue.  You've done enough jQuery to make your peace with it and tip your hat in respectful silence as you pass each other on the street. You've been through callback hell, promise hell, and look forward to being in stream hell.

You've experimented or maybe even done a real project in Angular or Vue.  You've used bootstrap to make responsive web applications and you may even have used a toolkit like Cordova, Phonegap, or Ionic to create mobile applications.

Calling REST APIs is old hat and you're pretty good with Websockets. You've used Grunt, Gulp, or Webpack.  You take your linting seriously.

You think visual details matter.  You may not be a graphic designer, but you still know how to make things look slick.  Stuff should look nice and it should work intuitively.  Even the code should look good.  You think about that one person that will click view source.  You've got a surprise planned just for them.

You may even have some exposure to server side stuff like Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, DynamoDB, RabbitMQ, and Elastic Search.  If not, you soon will, because that's our stack.

You don’t mind collaborating on technical decisions with your small team. You’re willing to plant your flag on a hill and argue for the good of the product - and you’re willing to listen to reason and admit when a co-worker has a better idea.

You have the right to work in the United States as a citizen or resident alien.  Unfortunately we can't sponsor H1B's.

We're Granbury Solutions.  We make software for malls, wineries, and yes, pizza shops.  Our Thrive POS system and related online & mobile ordering tools are used by thousands of independent pizza restaurants all over the world to satisfy the needs of families, college kids, and drunkards everywhere.

While our company does have a real office in Grapevine, TX, our engineering team prefers to work from home. We get together every day for a virtual stand up.  We get together for conferences and design sessions or project war rooms sometimes.   

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